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Although the General Secretariat of the Institute of Arbitration is based in Brussels, adminsitrative center of Europe, it's more than just a Belgian Arbitration Institute. Many arbitration committees seat abroad with a follow-up of the procedures from Brussels.

International Conventions & Treaties

  • New York Convention, 1958
  • Geneva Convention, 1961
  • Washington Convention, 1965
  • Energy Charter Treaty, 1994

National Law

  • Belgian Judicial Code, part VI, art.1679 to art.1723

Legal publications

  • Le moniteur belge - Het Belgisch Staatsblad

Domestic clause

Any dispute shall be settled at Brussels by the Arbitral Court designated by the Institute of Arbitration (www.euro-arbitration.org), in accordance with the SDR rules of arbitration (Standard Dispute Rules). This clause replaces all authority clauses contrary to it.

To the recto: A settlement through arbitration forms part of the general conditions mentioned on the back.