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Although the General Secretariat of the Institute of Arbitration is based in Brussels, adminsitrative center of Europe, it's more than just a Belgian Arbitration Institute. Many arbitration committees seat abroad with a follow-up of the procedures from Brussels.

International Conventions & Treaties

  • New York Convention, 1958
  • Geneva Convention, 1961
  • Washington Convention, 1965
  • Energy Charter Treaty, 1994

National Law

  • Belgian Judicial Code, part VI, art.1679 to art.1723

Legal publications

  • Le moniteur belge - Het Belgisch Staatsblad

Domestic clause

Any dispute shall be settled at Brussels by the Arbitral Court designated by the Institute of Arbitration (, in accordance with the SDR rules of arbitration (Standard Dispute Rules). This clause replaces all authority clauses contrary to it.

To the recto: A settlement through arbitration forms part of the general conditions mentioned on the back.