Standard Dispute Rules (SDR)

Since the implementation of the Standard Dispute Rules (SDR), arbitration has become much easier and less expensive. Because of their universal jurisdiction, arbitration committees may sit in any country.

  • Discreet, legal proceedings outside the public Court.
  • Mini-arbitration costs only € 100 for uncontested claims and yield an award within 1 month.
  • Classic arbitration returns an award in +/- 4 months.
  • The fundamental right of appeal.
  • Choice of the seat of the arbitration (place of the award), in your own country or abroad.
  • Choice of the place of hearings, in your own country, abroad of by web conference.
  • Possibility of a multilingual procedure
  • Compensation for mandatory
  • Fully independent of professional associations and States
  • Possible to estabish and follow-up on dossiers online

Download Standard Rules
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