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Arbitration is a right that you cannot impose one-sidedly on the other party. However, by accepting the Standard Dispute Rules in contracts or general terms to resolve teir litigation, all parties agree to adhere to arbitration.

No conditions, costs, or memberships are necessary (even from one party); the only thing you are required to do is to have the arbitration clause in your legal document.

An arbitration clause can be included in contracts, commercial documents, invoices, agreements between private parties, or any other legal act.

Model of the arbitration clause:

Any dispute shall be settled by the Arbitral Court designated by the Institute of Arbitration (www.euro-arbitration.org), in accordance with the SDR rules of arbitration (Standard Dispute Rules). This clause replaces all authority clauses contrary to it.

On the front of a document if the arbitration clause is on the back of a document: A settlement through arbitration forms part of the general conditions mentioned on the back.

Special clauses: see the committees (e.g. transport, real estate, etc.).

Elk geschil zal worden beslecht door het Scheidsgerecht aangeduid door het Instituut voor Arbitrage (www.euro-arbitration.org), volgens het reglement van arbitrage SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Deze bepaling vervangt alle hiermee strijdige bevoegdheidsclausules.

Tout différend sera tranché par le Tribunal Arbitral désigné par l’Institut d'Arbitrage (www.euro-arbitration.org), selon le règlement d’arbitrage SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Cette clause remplace toutes clauses de compéten­ce contraires.

Jede Streitigkeit wird durch die Schiedsgericht abgerechnet werden das vom Institut für Schiedsgerichtswesen bezeichnet wird (www.euro-arbitration.org), in Übereinstimmung mit der Ordnung SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Diese Klau­sel ersetzt alle entgegenstehenden Zuständigkeitsklauseln.

Toda desavenencia sera resuelta por el tribunal de arbitraje, indicar por del Instituto de Arbitraje (www.euro-arbitration.org), conforme a el regulamento de arbitraje SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Esta clausula susti­tuye todas las clausulas de competencia contraria.

Ogni controversia sarà sottoposta al Tribunale Arbitrale nominato dall’Istituto d’Arbitrato (www.euro-arbitration.org), in conformità con il regolamento arbitrale SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Questa clausola sostituisce ogni clausola di competenza derogatoria.

Todas as desavenças serao resolvidas do Instituto de Arbitragem (www.euro-arbitration.org), segundo o regulamento de arbitragem SDR (Standard Dispute Rules). Esta clausula substitua todas as clausulas de competência contrária.