10 Securities

  1. By opting for arbitration parties have access to quick jurisdiction and they free themselves from the public court known for its great formality and slowness. Even for complex matters arbitration usually takes a maximum 6 months.
  2. The immediate consequence of quick justice is the reduction of disputes. Speedy jurisdiction doesn't permit any delay tactics or blackmail of a long suit and makes conciliation easier.
  3. Quick procedures not only save time and money but require the succumbing party to pay all expenses when it is still solvent.
  4. Arbitration allows parties to choose experts immediately as arbitrators. It reduces expenses and permits the designation of more available specialists than experts at public courts.
  5. Arbitration is not submitted to the heavy formality of some national jurisdictions. Parties can mandate rules themselves too. Procedure can be multilingual or in a language used by the parties and independent of the location of the arbitration. It makes parties avoid the time and expens of translations. The parties have free choice of language and country.
  6. Parties are not obligaded to hire a lawyer. Arbitrators don't use hermetic jargon. Procedures are simple and vocabulary is accessible.
  7. Committees of arbitration don't depend on one state, on professional association or consumers' organisation. This guarantee strict confidentiality, neutrality and total independence.
  8. Arbitration is discreet. There is no public audience.
  9. Once an arbitration clause is include in documents that bind the parties, the judge can be declared incompetent by request of one party. Contrary to conciliation or mediation, arbitration can be pursued even though a party doesn't want to participate in any proceedings. Arbitration is perfectly enfoceable against parties and if necessary an award by default will be pronounced.
  10. Quick procedure doesn't exclude the possibility that a party can go to a local court for temporary or conservatory measures while waiting the decision of the arbitral court.