Protecting contracts & invoices

Arbitration is quick procedure that cannot be imposed without (previous) agreement of other parties. In contracts, offers and other documents the parties need to include a clause for arbitration.

It’s preferable to agree on arbitration before disputes start.

To protect contracts and reduce risks without delay requires citing arbitration in all documents.

  • Acts of constitution, inheritance, investments and contracts of licenses, distribution: In all contracts (even in deed) an arbitration clause protects the founders, shareholders, managers, investors, family members, etc. with confidentiality in case of conflict that does not exist in public courts.
  • Offers and orders of goods.
    Include before the signature: "Regulation of disputes by arbitration as part of the general conditions on the reverse sode completes this offer and/or orders".
  • Commercial documents.
    Provide for arbitration in all commercial documents, including invoices. These documents can also bind the parties (merchant) even if they are not signed.

Instead of indicating public court as competent it’s sufficient to mention the text with a standard clause.