Prevention is always the strongest weapen
to never be too late

Management consists of methods to manage and loss in certain situations. Postponing decisions usually results in a crisis with fewer possibilities for resolution. Etymologically the word 'crisis' means "decision" or "judgment"; later this came to indicate disease. In Greek "crisis" means making a decision (choice) between two options.

If we wait until a conflict arises then we have a situation with the same
3 characteristics of a crisis:

  • external threat to your organization
  • the element of surprise
  • short decision-making time

with a high degree of uncertainty and increased risk as a result.

If you believe that waiting for a problem before analyzing and solving it puts you in an inferior position, you must read through this site.

Company lawyers are more familiar with arbitration, but anyone with a dispute or claim can always asks for what is probably the most efficient and cheapest method to resolve them.

Prevention is the best guarantee of limiting the risks and its efficiency is always in inverse proportion to the time you need to implement prevention.

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