Arbitration Committee
Transport & Logistics

Express services

If competition is high, being paid on a timely basis is indispensable.
A quick, online procedure is a very useful tool.

International transport

Uncontested and contested money claims, nationally or internationally, can be treated quickly by arbitration.
International convetions and European directives apply as soon as your customer is established abroad.
"Regulation Brussels I" has been in application since March 202 and specifies taht the competence of the supplier's court is not considered to be superior, the only the exception being for arbitral jurisdictions (ER 44/2001).


Money claims are subject to short delays of prescription. Delay of prescription begins from the day of the last delivery, not from the date of the invoice or from its due date.


Article 33 of the CMR Convention requires parties to use a specific arbitration clause.

Any dispute shall be settled by the Arbitral Court designated by the Institute of Arbitration (www.euro-arbitration.org) in accordance with the SDR rules of arbitration (Standard Dispute Rules). Arbitrators must apply the CMR convention, in accordance with art.33. This clause replaces all authority clauses contrary to it.