Problems with a customer, supplier or partner?

Every private citizen, business, lawyer, actually anyone can ask for conciliation or arbitration. Open access is the basis of any neutral institution.

If you have unpaid bills and / or a breach of contract from a buyer or (customer) -despite reminders, the situation can seem blocked. You can request conciliation at the Institute of Arbitration before incurring any judicial cots:

  • Even if arbitration is not in your general terms you can use conciliation services.
  • If you are cited at the court even though arbitration has been preselected and you want to keep the advantages of arbitration, it is imperative to include, before any defence, a request to invoke the exception of incompetence.
  • If your client must pay less than € 250, he knows this amount is not enough to go to a lawyer. However with mini-arbitration you can get an award for € 60, if your claim is not contested.

Request online

Any request for conciliation or arbitration may be made online. You have free access to the secure site. You won't lose time, all committees use the same standard rules and the site manages the dossiers because the secretariat of the Institute of Arbitration automatically directs your dossier to the right committee.


The applicant pays conciliation, while the arbitration fee is the responsibility of the losing party.