Arbitration Committee

All debt litigation will be settled by this committee(invoices, renting, leasing, loan, credit, etc.

For a money claim of a determined debt that is uncontested by registered letter within 30 days from the due date, it’s sufficient to request mini-arbitration by letter or simply via the ODR platform LisDirect.

Within 15 days, after payment of costs, the clerk’s office immediately notifies the debtor by registered letter of the arbitration, the registration and the designated arbitrator.
If the claim is still uncontested within 10 days, an award in the first instance will be pronounced in 20 days.
If the claim is contested before the award in first instance, the arbitration procedure continues from III.art.3d.§2, and the clerk’s office passes the case ex officio the case to an arbitration committee or chamber that settles contested claims.
The clerk’s office can refuse an incomplete request and/or impose classic arbitration from III,art.3.a).

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